• Sin City Seeds: The Rem

If you can't find a high quality, stable strain of BlueDream, then REM can definitely fill the void. These regular seeds use the Blue Dream lineage and combine it with the incredible Whitenightmare to create a plant that has all the benefits of the original BlueDream but in a more productive and higher yielding plant that smokers and growers are both going to adore. 

Nicknamed the Blue Dream BX, take care because these ladies can grow big. Though you may not think it in the initial growing phase, when these cannabis seeds start to flower, they can double or even triple in height. And just when you think she can't get any bigger she goes and shoots again. So make sure you keep a check on her high and top off when needed especially when growing weed indoors or if high levels of discretion are required. But when it comes to the smoke, all your troubles are over. That blueberry haze flavour comes shining through in a long lasting relaxing effect that is incredible for fighting pain and will chill you out for hours. REM weed seeds from Sin City really are a BlueDream come true, so order yours today and experience the true bliss this strain can offer.

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Sin City Seeds: The Rem