• Sin City Seeds: Treasure Island

Treasure Island is part of Sin City's amazing CBD line of medical marijuana strains. A hybrid of AC/DC and Swiss Gold, these weed seeds will transport you straight to your own treasure island. After a few tokes, you'll feel warm and relaxed, just like you would if you were on your own private island. Now, there's not many cannabis seeds that have that reputation!
Treasure Island from Sin City Seeds has the power to grow tall... really tall! In fact, you'll be surprised by the vigour of this lady! When fully grown, she will display swollen, resinous buds that glisten under the sunlight, just begging you to pick them. When grown indoors, she will ripen to perfection within ten weeks, and when grown outdoors, she'll be ready to be harvested in October. You can expect above average yields from these weed seeds!
Ideal for people who want to smoke during the day, Treasure Island will leave you feeling pain free and energised. Ideal for pain relief and appetite stimulation, these weed seeds are high in CBD. You'll be able to enjoy the smoke without feeling the full on stone. The Original See Store are very happy to include this great medical strain in our online store.

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Sin City Seeds: Treasure Island